Belgian chocolate shops

an imageChocolatiers, Belgian chocolate shops, can be always found all over Belgium. Godiva, Leonidas, Marcolini, Galler, Laurent Gerbaud, Neuhaus, Darcis are some of the main chain manufacturers in the country, although some of the traditional ones are located in region of Wallonia (Les Jardins du Chocolat in Tournai, Charlemagne in Herstal or Defroidmont Artisan in Erezee). In spite of this, Brussels is well known for having the most famous Chocolatiers, not only in Belgium, but all over the world. La Maison du Chocolat, Planete Chocolat, Mary Chocolatier, Passion Chocolat, Debailleul, Wittamer, Chocolat Manon or Côte d'Or are only a few of the most popular chocolate makers in the capital of Belgium where true chocolate lovers will always be able to find the enjoy the best chocolate in the world.

For Belgians, chocolate is not only one of the most important long-established traditions in the country, but also a lifestyle, as it is part of the history of the country. Belgium hosts all kind of events during the year in the different regions of the country as well as the number of them in Brussels. The capital has a great chocolate culture, needless to say, that can be found in its great museums all over the city, such as Planète Chocolat, Zaabär, Musée du Cacao et du Chocolat, Le Chocolatier Manon or Chocolaterie Duval. Brussels has also a lot to offer when it comes to chocolate as, guided tours, fairs and chocolate tasting events bring happiness to the city every year; for any of the guided tours, such as La Maison du Chocolat, Tournai and the chocolate factory Les Jardins du Chocolat, La Fonderie, Belgian Chocolates Brussels Tour, Global Enterprises –with the "Brussels Chocolate Tour for Breakfast" or Chocolaterie Jamart, reservations are highly recommended. But Brussels has more to offer like the Chocolate workshops at Zaabär or the chocolate tasting fairs held in Goossens Chocolatier or the favorite joint in Brussels for hot chocolate, De Proeverie Tea Room.